Sunday, September 1, 2013

Flash Friday #39


They ran toward each other, arms outstretched, making the distance separating them seem shorter than it really was. The inches closed in, , until the gap between them was a hairsbreadth in length. They both smiled, thinking that their nightmare was finally over, that they could finally be together, away from the warlock’s wrath.
Suddenly, a light appeared, scalding their hands and making them jump back, away from each other.
They watched in horror as a door manifested between them, the horrific face of their tormentor branded upon the wood on Kenneth’s side.
The face blended easily into its surroundings, brown and rough. Eyes closed made it look as if it were sleeping.
But looks can be deceiving,
Kenneth reached out for a metal doorknob adorning the wood beside the face, knowing this would be too easy, but ultimately deciding he had to do something. An electric blue spark shocked his hand at the slightest touch.
The face upon the door chuckled evilly. Its eyelids fluttered open to reveal eyes the same colour as the spark that had shocked Kenneth.
He continued to laugh as he said, “You really thought you could go without a fight?”
Kenneth rubbed his hand and looked warily upon the warlock, knowing that he could trick even the smartest of men with a single word. Kenneth said nothing.
“You know what the prophecy says…you know that she is mine…”
Kenneth almost growled at this statement. “She is not property. Nor is she the slave of some mad man’s ramblings.”
The warlock’s eyes glinted. “We shall see about that.”
On Isabel’s side of the door, two snakelike, green vines shot out toward her.
“Kenneth!” Her cries were futile, because Kenneth had no way to save her from the terrible wrath she was about to face.
The vines wrapped themselves around her, binding her into silence.
“Isabel!” Kenneth attempted to run to her, to run through the door. Another, much bigger shock to his chest caused him to fly backwards. He shook his head against the throbbing pain and stood up. “Don’t you dare hurt her!”
“Oh, I won’t…That is,” The warlock held a hand out to him, “if you win.”
Kenneth hesitated before he grabbed the rough wooden hand. That one touch allowing him through the portal that would take him to the warlock’s own world.

This story does not qualify for the competition as it is too long, but I decided to post it anyway. I love this story, and I definitely love the picture to go with it. My entry is just for enjoyment purposes, so please enjoy!
393 words


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