Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Brotherhood of Dwarves by D.A. Adams

The Brotherhood of Dwarves by D.A. Adams immediately gained my interest because it is a fantasy novel. I love fantasy (almost to the point of obsession) mainly because the writer can create any type of world he/she wants. Your imagination can soar fantastically onward with this genre. I was very excited to start reading this book and with just one glance at the cover knew, without a doubt, that this would be a story to remember.

The Brotherhood of Dwarves starts out by telling of the different races of dwarves that exist in the location that is the western mountains. There are the Tredjards (black beards) in the southernmost region, the Ghaldeons in the central region, and the Kiredurks (white beards) in the northern region. This particular story focuses on a dwarf named Roskin who is first son to King Kraganere, ruler of the Kiredurks. Roskin craves adventure and longs to fight in battles. However, since the Kiredurks are namely a peaceful people, these dreams of his are looked down upon. His father understands his need to go out and explore, for he himself was wild in his youth. So he allows Roskin to take a year to go where he pleases within the lands. There is a slight catch, though. Throughout the entirety of that year, Roskin must remain outside of the palace, and he will lose his status as heir.
Roskin tells his father that he will live with a friend in the central region for that year, but keeps his true intentions to himself. And so, with that note, heads off into the wilderness.
Throughout this story, Roskin befriends many characters and also makes plenty more his enemies. He is captured, wounded, and betrayed. There is a time where he even questions if he deserves to be the future king of his people.
I enjoyed every moment of reading this. It was amazingly well written, and every character seemed fleshed out to the point where I felt they could be real. I am definitely going to have to read the other books in this series, because I am dying to know what happens next.
Anyone who read fantasy genre books will love this one immensely.
5 out of 5 stars.

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