Proofreading Services

I have been writing for my whole life, so it feels only natural to want to be a freelance proofreader. Since I am not as experienced as more seasoned proofreaders out there, I am willing to do a test proofread for no charge. This will consist of a chapter of the work you wish to send me or a short story. That way, you know what I can do. Right now, I am looking more for potential clients than anything.

My fee is $1 per 1000 words.

Here are the services I am willing to provide:

  • Checking for typos, grammatical errors, and obvious mistakes (i.e. missing punctuation marks, quotations, etc.)
  • Making sure the initial text flows cleanly and does not cause the reader confusion

I am in no way an editor, but if something doesn't work, I will let you know. I might also give a suggestion as to how you could make it work better for the reader to understand.

If interested contact me at, and I will happily oblige in making your work shine.

Thank you!

If you are happy with my work, please feel free to recommend me to others and consider me for any further documents you might want proofread.

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