Monday, June 9, 2014

Desolation - Flash! Friday Contribution

The bell tolled ominously, warning the people of the onslaught soon to come. The great beast roamed the starry sky, fire bursting from its maw, the light illuminating the night with a sort of terrifying beauty. “Ready the black arrow!” One man shouted in the midst of the chaos, his demeanor that of a soldier who knows what the upcoming battle may bring. At a signal from his accomplice indicating the arrow had been readied and was now aimed at its target, the man took a deep breath, knowing this was a final chance to rid themselves of the beast which had haunted their dreams all these years. He raised his arm and threw it down with a strength one can only muster in the worst of times. And with the sight of the arrow flying true, he whispered, “If this is to end in fire, then we’ll all burn together.”

This Flash Fiction piece was contributed to the Flash! Friday Micro Fiction Challenge. This past week (Friday June 6, 2014) we had to include a fire in our work as well as find inspiration for our story from this picture of a bell tower.

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