Friday, November 29, 2013

Frisky Business by Jill Edmondson

So until now, I was a Sasha Jackson Mystery book virgin. I had never read any of these books, and I believe I had only heard or saw them in passing on this very website. When given the chance to review one, considering my inexperience with these books, I dove right in.

Immediately I was intrigued by the general storyline. It had a very true basis to it. The fact that most deaths in the sex industry will kind of be pushed under the rug due to the line of work the victim was in. Sad, but unfortunately a very real situation in these troubled times. I was also intrigued by the main character.

Sasha Jackson is extremely relatable (or is that just me) in the fact that she kind of gets in these weird and awkward, but very effective, situations in order to find her killers. This book states some of her past transgressions, including one which I believe caused her to bare more than her soul (wink, wink). I loved her, and could not get enough of her personality in this book.

I also love some of the people closest to her. They seemed real and honest and possibly a bit quirky at times, and I just could not get enough of them either.

Officially I am on the Sasha Jackson train, and I am going to have to check out the earlier novels, because one book just is not enough!

Frisky Business definitely can be read by itself, but beware, because it will make you want even more of Sasha Jackson's adventures.

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